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About the Group

Creative Wearables, a group of fiber artists focused on the wonderful world of wearable art, emphasizes creating handmade pieces of clothing and accessories designed as expressive art. Garments and accessories include upcycled, new, and “themed” challenges. Members may participate in runway shows, exhibits, and learn techniques throughout the year, as well as share ideas and their wearable art during meetings.


Currently meetings are held every 3rd Monday of the month, September to June, 10 am, at Crossroads Community Church, 2505 NE 102nd, Portland, OR.


Due to COVID, Creative Wearables is meeting via Zoom. Contact our facilitator, Joyce Kelly for information regarding our virtual meetings or for other additional information.

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garment and surface design by Karin Graves

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garment and surface design by Judilee Fitzhugh