CFG holds three (3) workshops each year in connection with our March, June, and September guild meetings.

Find your interests in the list below and sign up. Workshops are another great way to meet more members while extending your skills!


March 2021


Put new subtlety and variety into your work using transparency and layering. Discover how to use a range of sheers such as organza, voile, tulle and net to create mystery and depth in your work. Learn how to make successful use of raw edges, seams, creases and grooves to create see-through richness. Enhance your technique skills with unusual fabrics and introduce into your work the option of adding various papers for mixed media. Add layered subtlety with carefully chosen threads, stitched by machine or hand or both to make a richly textured and elegant composition.


This 6 hour workshop will be organized into three separate 2-hour sessions — giving attendees a chance to work between sessions and to offer opportunity for people to have more interaction with Rosalie.


June 2021


No sewing is required to create this unique quilt top. All fabric is fused together and then the quilting is what holds it together. Learn to cut with no rulers and create your own original quilt.

This can be held as a one or two day workshop and is suitable for all skill levels.

One day workshop completes a selection of blocks. Two day version usually results in a completed wall handing size quilt top.

Skills learned

  • Fusing

  • Freehand fabric cutting

  • Quilt Design

  • Colour theory


Workshop signup starts at noon on Sunday,
March 21.  Register at EventBrite using the link below!


September 2021

Reach Beyond the Surface: A study of texture and applications

This workshop explores botanically inspired, three-dimensional surface textures, from lightweight to rigid and durable, with applications suitable for sculptural or wearable felted work.Resists will be used to create 3 dimensional hollow forms that will serve as the vessel for sampling these techniques. Students will create a series of small vessels over the course of the workshop, exploring a wide range of approaches. Focus will be given to the development to the student’s individual visions and personal aesthetic for further exploration at home.