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Meetings are held at 10am - noon
on the first Monday of the month,
excluding quarterly meeting months, at

our President's home

Nov 5, 2018
Jan 7, 2019
Feb 4
April 1
May 6
July 1 / August 5 (as needed)


Oct 7, 2019 — Lunch Meeting with
Joint Board held at our President's home

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December 12, 2018, 9am - 12 noon
March 13, 2019, 9am - 12 noon
June 12, 2019, 6pm - 9pm
September 11, 2019, 9am - 12 noon


Congregation Neveh Shalom
2900 SW Peaceful Lane, Portland, OR 97239

Follow Peaceful Lane around the right side of the main building to the "main entrance" (follow the sign), and park in the lot. Enter the gated plaza, and head back to the left side. CFG meets in the Stampfer Chapel.

Guest Admission Fee: $15, which may be applied to membership cost
This fee is waived with presentation of a valid student ID

See meeting details below
NOTE: the June meeting is an evening meeting

please email Nancy Geren at


DECEMBER 12, 2018 QUARTERLY MEETING 10am - 12 noon

9:00 am. Doors open
10:00 am. Meeting starts
11:00 am. Lecture: John Furniss, "The Blind Woodsman"

John is a woodworker, producing beautiful pieces of art from unique woods, blending them smoothly and harmoniously. Because he is blind he relies solely on his sense of touch and the mind’s eye vision of his art. Having lost his sense of sight and smell at the age of 16 the one thing that John did not lose is his sense of humor. John talks honestly and openly about his life both before and after blindness. He is direct and encourages those around him to ask questions freely. John will be joined by his wife, Anni, who is a photographer, an artist in her own right. She shares his life and his vision. John and Annie will be coming to us as we approach the season of holidays, winter solstice and New Year’s resolutions. John brings a sense of renewal and optimism to carry a vision of inspiration for our own art in the coming year.

MARCH 13, 2019 QUARTERLY MEETING 10am - 12 noon

9:00 am. Doors open
10:00 am. Meeting starts
11:00 am. Lecture: Jackie Abrams, "A Basket's Journey"

Jackie has been a fiber artist for over 40 years, using and adapting well-practiced basket-making skills. Her materials include silk and cotton fabrics, archival paper, wire, sand, thread, buttons, encaustic wax, and acrylic paints and mediums. She works intuitively, the colors and textures of the materials informing the vessels she creates. The vessels she creates often refer to women’s bodies as containers of shared experiences and individual stories, which shape and hold the content of their lives. They speak of the importance of the women in her life, of their strengths and sorrows, their growth and joys. More recent vessels are faceted, created to hold our important invisible things: dreams, thoughts, ideas, wishes. Her craft-development work with women in Africa has had a profound influence on her art and on her life. She has learned to simplify, to let the forms and the materials speak for themselves. She collaborates with each piece as it develops, allowing a dialogue to emerge. Each of her vessels can stand alone or be joined with others in support and unity, as a community of “women.” As with actual women, each one has a story to share, a role in the world.

JUNE 12, 2019 QUARTERLY MEETING 6pm - 9pm

6:00 pm. Doors open
7:00 pm. Meeting starts
8:00 pm. Lecture: Betty Busby, "Expect The Unexpected"

Sometimes inspiration comes from the strangest places ­_ the old, the broken, the cast aside. Join Betty in a short journey following some of her works from the initial spark to completed piece. As a lifelong artist, she enjoys looking at the world through an interpretive eye, and loves to celebrate each individual’s unique outlook.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2019 QUARTERLY MEETING 10am - 12 noon

9:00 am. Doors open
10:00 am. Meeting starts
11:00 am. Lecture: Mary Hettmansperger, "Free Range Fiber Artist "

Mary is an accomplished jewelry artist, having authored four books, and has combined these skills into mixed media and fiber. Mary will share her journey in this lecture with visuals of her creative process and her methods for finding

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MARCH – Not Your Mother’s Coiling

Jackie Abrams:
March 14, 15, 16, 2019, 10am - 5pm
$280 + materials fee: $5
Class limited to 16 students
Class Location: St. Rita Catholic Church, 10029 NE Prescott St., Portland 97220

Materials List

This three day workshop is perhaps the closest you will come to ‘random’ coiling – the stitching is simple and functional, while the core materials (plastic bags, fabrics, raffia) are exposed and celebrated. Stones, shells, and other small objects may be incorporated. Create a traditional basket form, a wall hanging, or experiment with more sculptural techniques.

Jackie’s supply list includes “stuff that interests you. It could be fabric, threads, beads, flexible plant materials, stones, seed pods, wires, metal pieces, plastic bags, shells.” Jackie teaches this class in Africa and finds this class is especially appropriate for “reused, recycled” materials.

Jackie’s workshop will include flat coiling that can be used in art quilts and wall hanging.

abramsBlueStoneStories abrams

JUNE – Multi Media Fiber

Betty Busby:
June 13,14,15, 2019, 9:30am - 4:30pm
June 16,17,18, 2019, 9:30am - 4:30pm
$300 + materials fee: $40
Class limited to 18 students

Materials List (MSword version)
Materials List (pdf version)

This is a 3 day workshop which will be repeated another 3 days. Betty’s curriculum is so extensive that students wishing to take both 3 day workshops will have new and challenging things to explore during each session.

For several years Betty has been exploring the use of various non woven materials in her fiber art. They have been a wonderful addition to traditional fabrics, extending the range of expression that can be achieved. The class will include samples of different types of non woven materials, ways to produce images with them, and methods to incorporate them to extend the range of expression that can be achieved with traditional fabrics. We will also explore the use of an electric cutting machine (Cameo) to cut the non wovens into finely tuned shapes. You will learn how to draw a pattern from scratch, put it into the cutter software, and adjust the settings on the machine to produce results that are useable in many applications. In addition, she has developed new ways of painting fabrics. Students can make samples using Betty’s methods and materials, and combine them with the non wovens as desired. She is also more than happy to assist students with making their own designs and patterns.

Click here for more workshop information

Click here to register for the workshop

busby workshop busby

SEPTEMBER – Surface Embellishments

Mary Hettmansperger:
September 12,13, 2019, 10 am - 5pm
$230 + materials fee: $30
Class limited to 22 students

This workshop offers new ideas for all kinds of art. Metalwork, weaving, embossing, collage, embedded and encrusted surfaces and a variety of surface design applications will be covered. Students have the option of making finished work or creating samples for later use. The class will introduce metalsmith techniques for use in many kinds of artwork. Copper and metal sheeting, foils, wire, mesh, screen, found, recycled and natural items will also be used to create surface design. Commercial connections, as nuts and bolts, brads, eyelets, rivets, brads, jump rings and wire working techniques will be covered for making cold connections in alternative surfaces. Beads, hardware store, electronic salvage and recycled items will also be offered to explore. Students will become comfortable using the propane torch and will learn a variety of low tech metalsmith techniques. This course will allow each student to take the techniques and materials to pursue their desired direction.

Students are encouraged to bring bits of stuff. Keep in mind that surface design will be explored through metal and metal techniques. So metal materials, found items and recycled finds are perfect. Bring multiples of each to create texture and pattern. Pods, rocks, shells, sticks, and glass work well.

A wide variety of techniques will be presented and students can choose one or many to use and incorporate into their projects.

hettmansperger workshop hettmansperger

Note: a summary of the 2018-19 Quarterly Meeting Programs & Workshops is also available as a PDF here: 2018-19 Meeting Programs & Workshops

Further questions? E-mail Nancy Geren at

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