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CFG holds three (3) workshops each year in connection with our March, June, and September guild meetings.

Find your interests in the list below and sign up. Workshops are another great way to meet more members while extending your skills!

Workshop registration will start soon. Watch your CFG Newsletter for details!

All three workshops will open for registration at the same time.


March 2022

Diane Ericson

Diane Ericson is an artist and designer living in Ashland, Oregon. In her 35 years of teaching, Diane has provided art and design classes for public schools and guilds, teacher training programs, art therapy workshops, creativity coaching and numerous retreats.

She is the designer  for ReVisions and Diane Ericson Design, a line of inventive Sewing Patterns & Stencils.

As a contributor to various fiber publications including Vogue Pattern Magazine, Threads, Craft Stylish & Sew News, Diane enjoys playing in her studio, creating new designs and exploring inventive ways to inspire and celebrate creativity. Diane teaches workshops and retreats in various locations, and is a recognized motivational speaker and expert in the sewing field.

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March Workshop
June Workshop

June 2022

Kerr Grabowski

Deconstructed Screen Printing Screen Printing

Live/Virtual Workshops June 9-11 and 13-15

"Marks - textures, lines, images and symbols - My work in textiles and clothing stems from an interest in cultures where art is an integral part of daily life-where mark making is a natural activity, a part of the celebration of being."


Kerr Grabowski's history as a fiber artist has been marked by her constant experimentation with and innovative approaches to dyeing and screening processes. She developed Deconstructed Screen Printing, a printing monoprinting technique allowing for a freer, more painterly approach to screen printing.

Kerr successfully integrates her love of color, mark-making, and spontaneity with the challenge of creating whimsically elegant contemporary hand painted and screened silk fabrics and wearables. 

Formerly Artist in Residence at Peters Valley Craft Center in NJ, Kerr now maintains a studio in Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi.


Recipient of a Mississippi Arts Commission Fellowship, a New Jersey Council on the Arts Fellowship Kerr is published in Ornament, Surface Design Journal, Fiber Arts Design Book Six and Silk Painting for Fashion and Fine Art and Textiles Now.


September 2021

Stitching as Drawing



More to Come
September Workshop
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