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Meetings are held at 10am - noon
on the first Monday of the month,
excluding quarterly meeting months, at
location TBA

Nov 4, 2019
Jan 6, 2020
Feb 3
April 6
May 4
July 6 / August 3 (as needed)


Oct 5, 2020 — Lunch Meeting with
Joint Board held at our President's home

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December 11, 2019, 9am - 12 noon
March 11, 2020, 9am - 12 noon
June 10, 2020, 6pm - 9pm
September 9, 2020, 9am - 12 noon


Congregation Neveh Shalom
2900 SW Peaceful Lane, Portland, OR 97239

Follow Peaceful Lane around the right side of the main building to the "main entrance" (follow the sign), and park in the lot. Enter the gated plaza, and head back to the left side. CFG meets in the Stampfer Chapel.

Guest Admission Fee: $15, which may be applied to membership cost
This fee is waived with presentation of a valid student ID

See meeting details below
NOTE: the June meeting is an evening meeting

Please email Laura Lehrhoff at



9:00 AM Doors open
10:00 AM Meeting starts
11:00 AM Lecture: Marilyn Romatka, "Show-and-Tell, Feel-and-Photograph"

Marilyn is a folk art specialist who began on her life changing path with a Christmas present from her husband of a llama which they were going to use as a pack animal while hiking in the mountains. The llama needed to be shorn because of the heat, and to Marilyn’s surprise she learned people still spin fiber. She ultimately learned to shear, wash, card, spin, ply, knit and weave.

Always drawn to folk art from an early age, she began dabbling in techniques from other countries. She started teaching her friends some of her many skills, and ultimately was asked to teach children. That is when she actively began seriously researching other ethnic techniques. Marilyn has taught everything from Aboriginal dot painting to several countries’ weaving, spinning, beading and braiding techniques. She has also taught quilting, natural dying, Viking knitting, and the construction of Japanese Temari (string) balls. The list of her skills is quite long.

Marilyn believes that folk art grounds us to the past and connects us to the generations that have come before us. She has traveled extensively to learn the many ethnic techniques that will be highlighted during her lecture.


9:00 AM Doors open
10:00 AM Meeting starts
11:00 AM Lecture: Susan Metzger, "Batik Expressions"

Susan always loved old houses, but never thought she would ever own one because her early career included working in a museum, being a Peace Corp volunteer in Honduras, and teaching in the Virgin Islands - all employment which produced meager earnings.

She then began to work in the medium of Batik in 1988, ultimately getting a Masters in Visual Arts. As part of the program she had the opportunity to study Batik in Indonesia in 2002. Susan has stated that through Batik she was given a way of “possessing” the houses she admired. Every time she drew, waxed and dyed a building, she could share her love of historic architecture with others.

Thankfully, Susan now has a home and studio where she can translate the photographs taken around the world of structures, lush landscapes, interiors, flora and fauna into distinctive art pieces, not only employing Batik, but also pastels. Susan has displayed her pieces in varied locations, and her artwork hangs in private homes, several libraries in Ohio and Colorado, St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction, and in the White House in Washington, D.C.


6:00 PM Doors open
7:00 PM Meeting starts
8:00 PM Lecture: Leisa Rich, "Pushing the Envelope: How to Be Unabashedly Experimental"

Leisa is an Art Archeologist and Experimentalist. She is a studio artist and art educator based in Atlanta, Georgia. She exhibits internationally. Leisa uses thread, plastics, fabrics, mixed media, recycled and repurposed detritus, and more to bring her art pieces to fruition. Fiber art/art techniques are approached in different ways; new materials and techniques are transformed in a manner they were not originally intended for. Leisa is an artist who brings excitement, passion and stimulation to everything she creates.

Leisa holds a Master of Fine Arts in Fibers, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fibers, and a Bachelor of Education in Art. She has been featured in numerous books and is in several collections including Delta Airlines, Emory Healthcare Atlanta and The Dallas Museum of Art, and in a PBS artist special. Leisa is working on a book about Fosshape TBA. She is the 2019 recipient of a Distinguished Fellowship from the Fulton County Arts Council of Atlanta, GA.


9:00 AM Doors open
10:00 AM Meeting starts
11:00 AM Lecture: Patti Barker, "Fiber Art Journey"

Patti is an award winning felt wear designer, and enjoys teaching others her original designs. From the beginning of her nuno felting experience, “the process of transforming wisps of wool and silk into felted cloth with a little soapy water” struck her as magical. She has always enjoyed experimentation with this form with its “playful nature and subtle shifts”. All of Patti’s pieces are produced with felted seams - no sewing. The fabric and the garment are created simultaneously, using wet felting techniques. What makes them unique is her hand dying of elements used. She also hand spins her embellishing art yarns. Her clothes are beautiful, whimsical and utterly unique.

Patti has been offering classes and workshops throughout the United States for many years. She has participated in a number of juried and solo exhibitions, fairs, and festivals from near her home in the state of Washington to as far away as France.

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Registration for 2020 Workshops is now open!

Further questions? E-mail Laura Lehrhoff at

MARCH – Batik Expressions

Susan Metzger:
March 12 - 13, 2020, 10AM - 4PM
$210 + materials fee: $30
Class limited to 15 students
Class Location: St Rita Catholic Church, 10029 NE Prescott St, Portland 97220

Materials List

Participants will experiment with batik and the subtle color harmonies, the final hues a result of previous dye baths. Your creation will have hard and soft edges with your choice of where cracks will occur. The use of four colors of Deja hot water dye will be taught in specific sequences. Participants will be taught a set of tools, some traditional, and others Susan has devised over her many years with the medium. Participants will learn how to create specific effects with wax, dyes and various fabrics, even how to “fix” errors.

In this workshop you will create and complete two batiks of 14” X 14”. The first batik will be a guided image. The second will be whatever you desire - one image or multiple designs. Materials and tools will be provided, except your personal design, or image for your second batik. At the end of the workshop you will have batik images and/or fabric designs that can be enhanced by any method of fabric art.

Metzger photo
Metzger workshop Metzger workshop

JUNE – Out of the Ordinary & Excitingly Exploratory

Leisa Rich:
June 11 - 12, 2020, 9AM - 5PM
$200 + materials fee: $50-60 (* in Materials List)
Class limited to 16 students
Class Location: St Rita Catholic Church, 10029 NE Prescott St, Portland 97220

Materials List

Participants will transform a revolutionary 2D material called Fosshape - a unique low melt synthetic polyester fiber that when exposed to high heat methods and pressure, easily hardens into unique and textural 2D and 3D forms. Learn simple methods of construction that include hand and machine stitching, ruching, plaiting, fusing, distressing, stretching, embossing and molding, and how to incorporate other fiber techniques to create various forms. Be inspired to make your work “move”, interact with viewers, light up and more. Transform your personal creative vision into 2D “paintings”, sculptures, vessels, representational forms, or wearable art and costumes. Unlimited other sculptural applications such as maquettes and basis for other art/craft disciplines, armatures for structural needle felting, theatrical applications, Cosplay, garment construction and more, means many possible creative applications and the skills for more post-workshop experimentation. Each student will be guided in the realization of how this extraordinary material can be used to enhance specific ideas in her/his/their personal creative practice. Therefore, the Fosshape skills you will learn are how to sew it, how to harden and shape it with heat, along with other manipulations and alternate applications.

Rich photo
Rich workshop Rich workshop

SEPTEMBER – Sampler Series - An Adventure in Felt Making, & Transition to Create Wearables - Art Vest or Scarf

Patti Barker:
September 10 - 11, 2020, 9AM - 4PM
$150 + materials fees: $50 (Sampler Kit) on Day One plus $30 (scarf kit) OR $60 (vest kit) on Day Two
Class limited to 16 students
Class Location: St Rita Catholic Church, 10029 NE Prescott St, Portland 97220

Materials List

The day one workshop, Sample Series is an adventure in textural Nuno felting techniques - from simulated animal skins to roses and ruffles, you will entrap beads, learn mosaics, and create raised shapes. The Sample kit includes six mini kits with all the pieces you need to take this adventure. You will learn eight different textural techniques and come away with six 10” X 10” samples and skills to use in creating unique felted items, plus printed instructions. This workshop is designed to give you new tools for your fine art toolbox.

On the second day, you will choose either to make a gorgeous scarf or art vest, both made with luscious silk and fine merino wool dyed by Patti, The kits come with the above and a host of embellishments, plus printed instructions. The workshop gives participants an opportunity to play and use the skills learned on the first day. The designs are a great way to learn how to create felted wearables. Patti will discuss the many options when designing your scarf or art vest. The kits will have many color options to choose from.

Barker photo

Barker workshop Barker workshop

Registration for 2020 Workshops is now open!

Further questions? E-mail Laura Lehrhoff at

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